Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Summer That Wasn't

In Chicago we are experiencing the coolest July on record. Few if any temperatures in the 90's at all this month. Although it's great for air conditioning bills and the fresh air and cool temperatures allow some great opportunities for outdoor fun, people in Chicago like their summers hot, their pizzas thick and their politicians just a little crooked.

So how is this weather affecting the 2009 gardening season in the Windy City? Plants are a little confused. The Callory Pear in our back yard has already started losing leaves, as much from the short burst of hot weather around July 4th and then back to cool for the last 2 weeks.

The grass is still growing like crazy, and flowers and shrubs are flourishing. Vegetable yields however are a little off. We're seeing more blossom end rot on tomatoes due to variable rainfall and some temp fluctuations.

We should have a great fall foliage season this year, but we'll probably be up to our ears in snow by mid-November.

It's great to live in Chicago. Time to break out the ice melt and another pair of shorts.


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